How to speak good English? That huge separation between Spain and the rest of Europe. Do not get me wrong, not every European speaks perfectly the Shakespeare’s language, and that we, Spanish people are not able to say even ‘Good morning’, but we have to be sincere to ourselves, we are not the best ones at learning languages.

A really educated person, with energy enough to work may not make it to get a job in another country because she or he does not reach the minimum levels of the universal language, as English is. Next step to overcome this situation seems clear: improving  your English skills. But the question now is: how? Going abroad to polish your language would be the most appropriate thing to do, but sadly, this is not something that everybody can actually do. On the other side, we have a lot of things to get along with in our daily day, and language courses prices are not fairly cheap, so attending English lessons can be a tough task.

But do not worry too much, because we provide you today with three great advises to improve your English skills: easy and free of any cost.

Watching movies and TV series O.V. with subtitles

What if the time you spend watching series on the Internet, you would use it watching them O.V. with subtitles? Your gained benefits would be double. On one side, you could amuse yourself, on the other, you could practice and polish your language. There are hundreds on websites nowadays where you can watch movies and series in their original version. For those who are not able to understand this raw, they can use Spanish subtitles to help them out, but it is truly better if the text is in English instead. One of the best web pages you could find is then: Ororo. There are also many cinemas where some O.V. movies are offered, what is really a really interesting experience.

Listening to music and reading English books

These are some other daily activities you can add up to your adventure of learning English. Listening to music in English while you are reading out the lyrics can help you improving your understanding skills while you can learn idioms the can be really helpful when going abroad. Reading books in another language is also a really good option to strengthen your knowledge, and to improve your grammar, and that is something that can be done in a daily basis while you are in the train or in the bus.

Sign up in language exchange webpages

For those that have plenty of time, this could be the most interesting option, when they cannot attend classes with native English teachers. This websites can help you improving both your writing and speaking skills, and can also polish your auditive comprehension, which are some key factors to communicate with people if you ever decide to go abroad. The best thing about such web pages is that there is a large variety of learning methods, from audio and video conversation files, in pages as Palabea, to web sites where you have in addition, the possibility of attending classes and take part in conversation forums, for example,  Verbling.

These are some of the advices that could help you significantly to speak better the English language, but they are not only applicable to this language, but to any language you want to learn. The Internet can now be a loyal ally, always ready to provide us with a solution to help us. You just have to search for it!