Written by Álvaro González.

We are feeding you today with our second part of the post we started on how to search and find a job in LinkedIn. If you missed the first part of how to max LinkedIn groups out , you can still take a look at it. Let’s get it started!

How can I start using the Jobs tab?

LinkedIn can offer us nowadays a huge display of job vacancies that can be really of help, if we know how to get advantage of it. Although it is a really useful section of LinkedIn, not everybody knows it.

1. The first thing to do to reach this section is to click in the Jobs tab, as shown in the image.


2. We find three categories in the Jobs tab, these are:  ‘Discover’, ‘My Jobs’ and ‘Preferences’. The next step is now to click the ‘Preferences’ tab, as it is shown in the following image.


If we would like LinkedIn to send us suggestions weekly (or with any other frequency that we choose) we need to keep the ‘Preferences’ tab updated, where we can choose different settings as the locations we are looking for a job, the range of experience we have for this job, as well as the different industries where we are interested in, and the volume of desired workers of the company.
3. As we can observe, this tab allows us to personalize different fields, so it can show us after the job vacancies that match with our preferences in the ‘Discover’ tab.


4. Once that the actual preferences are updated, we can now get some various job vacancies according to the chosen preferences in the ‘Discover’ tab. In addition we can also save any job vacancy that may be of interest to us in the ‘My Jobs’ tab.


We must not forget that if we apply to any job vacancy through LinkedIn, they will also remain registered in the mentioned tab.

Now that you have mastered your LinkedIn skills, get on it and update your profile to use this social network in your benefit, getting the best out of it in order to find your dream job!

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