Who has never dreamed of being a polyglot? Can you imagine being able to speak any language under any circumstance?

Well, thanks to the Internet, your dream is closer than ever, or that is what Ramón Barreiro, co-founder of holubo.com, assures. His site is a free platform to practice languages that has become really important in the digital world.

If you have ever tried to learned a language and have practiced a sport until being really good at it, you may have noticed that they both have a lot in common. In the beginning, you need very little to start your way and enter an almost vertical learning curve. However, as it happens with our favorite sport, we like to play it with the best and prepared people, companies also demand such a high level that sometimes it is not easy to achieve.

That is when the moment comes in which we start realizing which are the important areas to polish a language. If we take English as an example, those areas would be: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. When we started studying at high school, it was enough for us to know “a little of English”, but we soon realized that we needed to have be proficient in those areas in order to be competitive at a professional leve.

And that is how our motivation appears, and thanks to it, we are able to plan perfectly how can we improve in each of the mentioned areas:

  • Reading: ‘I’m gonna buy my favorite book in English so I can improve this skill!’
  • Writing: ‘I’m gonna write longer essays so my teacher can correct them, and I can improve my writing skills!’
  • Listening: ‘Why not watching my TV series and movies in O.V. so I can improve my English?’
  • Speaking: ‘Let’s join this language exchange bar every Wednesday at 20pm!’

If you have ever seen yourself in any of these situations, and have seen the weeks passing by without making any real improvement, and to be honest, you have never stepped out in that language exchange bar. Maybe you have also faced those past problems where language schools timetables would not fit yours, or you did not have enough money to afford a course, or realizing what you needed was improving your conversation skills and there was not even a chance there for it, or the most common one: what I need is to go abroad and I cannot right now.

Yes, those were all past limits, because nowadays we have solutions to all those situations. Thanks to the Internet, tons of alternatives have been created, and these allow users to learn or practice a language in a more efficient and agile way.

If you are getting that summer motivation this year too, it is gonna be very useful that you take into account these new alternatives that markets are offering right now, since they can be the perfect complement to any other task you may be doing or they can even be the main source of knowledge. What is the best out of it? They can be found totally free of cost (or using freemium services), and, of course, fitting 100% your timetables.