When a phase finishes, whether it is formative or work, the natural thing to do is to think about where to lead our path next, now that the way that wide open before us is unknown.

Until now, there were a few alternatives when we could not find a job, i.g. studying a Master’s Degree or sitting for an official exam, or trying to learn a new language (mostly suitable for young people), but there is no secret that an alternative option has been growing in the past years : going to work abroad. And this could be the best option!

What catches our attention from this is not the tendency of working abroad (the Spanish exodus is a trend nowadays), but the fact of how society is accepting this trend. To be honest, we have to acknowledge that this reality can have negative sides, mostly when you feel forced to leave your country, you can end up not feeling the joy of working abroad. Fortunately, this situation that Spain is living right now is getting better and better, but at the same time this would mean that loads of people that were feeling the situation abroad as an obligation, could come back to Spain. What we always want to transmit is that it is important that Spaniards start feeling this experiences as advantages in terms of professional training and not as a temporary obligation. We brought up these positive aspects of working abroad to you today to motivate and convince you!

One of the best benefits of such an experience comes from a personal level, going out of your comfort zone and start a new life in any other place helps you getting to know yourself, knowing where your limits are, and what you are capable of. It also implies a constant training of your social skills. It also means a push forward to maturity and to self-knowledge, that you will be hardly able to experience if you decide not to go away from your hometown.

At a formative level, it also means a revolution. You have maybe encountered different working methods from what you have met in your faculty or in your previous working experience, which can also mean a positive differentiation for your in comparison to the rest of your colleagues. It will also broaden your mind, improve your observation skills, and stimulate your imagination, basic points when it comes to be 5-Star employee.

On the other hand, the fact of working with international colleagues will help you set up and international contact list, something that can be truly interesting for you, and can also be of interest for your future employer, that will interview when you are willing to come back to Spain and you apply for your dream job position.

These are only some advantages that can be extracted from your experience working abroad, but they should be enough to help you make up your mind and pack your things to discover what other positive aspects you can find when working abroad!