Grupo Binternational’s Customer Relationship Decalogue 

First edition, May 2022.

With the aim of always complying with the best practices in the sector of its activity and with the values set out in its Code of Ethics, the Grupo Binternational will carry out the following actions in the identification of its clients:


  • For the identification and selection of clients, a general search will be carried out beforehand, guaranteeing equal opportunities for all of them.
  • The prevailing premise in the selection of clients is the selection of responsible clients, with a culture of transparency towards their own clients and suppliers.
  • GB will look for customers who have a long-term service culture and who, depending on the type of product or service they offer, have relationships based on trust and mutual collaboration.
  • All customers must be aware of and accept our Code of Ethics.
  • Require all customers to comply with the regulations in force, especially with regard to child labour, discrimination of any kind and respect for the rights of their employees.
  • Any behaviour contrary to our Code of Ethics may lead to the cancellation of the contract with the client.
  • Support for the local community, with a commitment to serve at least 75% of local and independent customers or consumers.