That is what the results of the report of ‘Infoempleo Adecco’ regarding job offer and demand in Spain in 2015. Candidates that aim for international jobs are seeking better salary conditions, as well as learning a new language or improve their standard of living.

International mobility continues leading as one of the best options to develop one’s professional career. This is what means a third of the 4.048 respondents by ‘Infoempleo Adecco’, whose goal is to examine year by year the labor market in Spain.

Globalization has led to internationalization of our companies, in a way that had never been experienced before, that is why recruiters challenge is to find professionals that can adapt to these needs, i.g. speaking various languages and with a clear international approach.

The trend in the last few years of trying to find a job in another country stays up: 34,5% of respondents would be willing to relocate in there was a job opportunity there. From this percentage, the 32.8% includes those that would relocate both nationally or internationally; in addition 1.7% would move only out of Spain.

Furthermore, as shown in this report, the reasons to start a new career away from the motherland are clear to professionals. Those include: better salary expectancy, learning a new language or improving their life standard. There is though, one surprising fact: respondents prefer long-stay careers at an international level. Also, 14,4% answers that would stay between 5-10 years away from Spain and 35,7% would stay for more than 10 years away. Favorite countries ranking leaders are the US, Great Britain, Canada and

However, both at a national and international recruitment level, most valuable professionals are those who gather requirements as fast adaptability, high languages level, geographic availability, expertise in multicultural environments, and an intensive use of new technologies.


6 motivos para trabajar en el extranjero. Source: binternational made from ‘Infoempleo Adecco’ report.

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