Portada Auxiliar Conservera

Auxiliar Conservera is one of the most experienced companies in the food packaging sector at a national and international level, dedicated to offering solutions that meet the most demanding needs of its customers.

They work to grow while taking care of the environment, committed to the principles that unite them and believing in the human potential of their company and its ability to help those who need it most, always from the proximity.

Introduction to the German market 

Auxiliar Conservera decided to enter the German market through the implementation of a new factory.

The Human Resources Department participated very actively in this process with the help of the Binternational Group.

In addition, GB is also a strategic ally in the field of talent recruiting.

How did we help them?


  • Definition of a strategy for the challenge they faced.
  • Knowledge of the German market.
  • On-site support in Dortmund.
  • Help in contracting other services locally.
  • Building an HR base in the new location.
  • Anticipation of possible challenges due to cultural and language differences.

What do they say about us?

They appreciate how we share all our knowledge in each project, offering great learning and reassurance in times of uncertainty.

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