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Viamed Salud is one of the leading Hospital Groups in the Spanish market. Its extensive medical staff, the quality and experience of its professionals, the innovation in its techniques, its facilities and its vocation for the respect and well-being of its patients make it a reference in hospital services in Spain.

Viamed is a health group whose objective is to contribute, to those regions where they are installed, an added value for its population in the matter of health and well-being for the patient.




Viamed Salud aimed to get closer to their employees, understand their feelings and needs.

With our help they knew they could plan actions globally and per hospital to improve the employee experience.

In addition, they also needed personalised recruitment services both during the pandemic and since then.

How did we help them?


  • During the pandemic, we offered our services altruistically to support the health centre in such a difficult time.
  • Months later they decided to make us their recruitment provider.
  • In terms of consultancy, we conducted a climate survey to find out how current and former employees felt.
  • With the information gathered, an organisational transformation project was drawn up to get closer to them.

What do they say about us?

They emphasise our human quality, closeness and trust. They like to have a supplier at their side who is always able to say [hard] things in a positive way.

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