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Edwards Lifesciences is the global leader in patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease, as well as critical care and surgical monitoring.

Driven by a passion to help patients, the company collaborates with the world’s leading clinicians and researchers to address unmet healthcare needs, working to improve patient outcomes and enhance lives.


Digitalisation of sales team

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Edwards Lifesciences sales team did not have the ability to go to hospitals.

They came from a very traditional model where face-to-face was the imperative. We helped them lose their fear of the digital world, opening their world to new opportunities.

After the intervention, the sales (surgical) team gained extensive knowledge of digital tools and learned to manage a hybrid model successfully.

Other projects


Due to the success of our initial project, Edwards Lifesciences has relied on our support on multiple occasions. With the Surgical team:

  • adapting the commercial team to the digital world,
  • collaborative project work,
  • introduction of the SCRUM methodology,
  • support and development of team members.

We have also carried out other projects outside Surgical: analysis of options for the centralisation of a European department and we have participated in the strategic evolution of the contribution of departments at EMEA and Canada level.

    What do they say about us?

    They highlight our closeness and adaptability with employees. They appreciate the time dedicated to each individual in order to get to know their reality in its entirety.

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