Portada Marel

Marel is a global leader in transforming the way food is processed. They support the production of high quality, safe and affordable food by providing solutions, services and software to the poultry, meat and fish processing industries, in addition to their recently acquired pet food, aqua feed and plant-based protein industries.

Sustainability is at the core of their business, reducing waste while improving yields and creating economic value.

Professionalisation of the
recruiting process

One of the objectives of the Marel sales team is to increase its size by 2026.

To achieve this, we offered them our services in which we conducted several sessions to teach them about recruitment.

We helped them to define a structure for the interviews and the questions to be asked.

Eliminating bias, focusing on aspects beyond experience or training… are issues that have defined these processes to this day.

How did we help them?


  • We defined with them the desired profile for their global sales team.
  • We prepared them to be able to identify it.
  • We created an interview structure with phases and questions customised to their needs.
  • We helped them re-define their employee value proposition.

What do they say about us?

“The whole process has been fantastic, with no bumps on the road (…) And my whole team agrees that it’s probably one of the best HR jobs we’ve done in the department“.

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