Portada Caso de Éxito Capitalismo Consciente

Capitalismo Consciente is a movement born with the vocation to influence all those people and organisations that believe in a type of capitalism capable of being the engine of humanity’s development, where private companies are an active and essential part of this evolution towards a better world.

Conscious Capitalism Inc. is a non-profit organisation to cultivate the theory and practice of Conscious Capitalism through events, presentations, publications and social media. 

Company restructure 

Following a commitment to the professionalisation of Capitalismo Consciente España, Sebastián Ross, President Board Of Trustees, together with his partners, decided to restructure the organisation. 

To this end, they contacted us in search of a Chapter Manager. After discovering and understanding the culture of the organisation, we provided our services altruistically.

How did we help?


We found the right candidate to fill the position after an 81-day process.

We requested a motivational video from those candidates who passed the initial screening, where they expressed why they identified with the values of Capitalismo Consciente and why they wanted to be part of the foundation.

What do they say about us?

They highlight our professionalism, fluid communication
and the care we put into the project.




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