Portada Olmeda Orígenes

Olmeda Orígenes is a food company that selects the best artisan food products from Spain and exports them all over the world.

They work to offer the best products accompanied by excellent service, guaranteeing the best logistics, the highest quality and great commercial support, reflecting the company’s values.

Agile recruiting


Olmeda Orígenes was looking for a profile and an ally that could meet the requirements as quickly as possible.

They found in Binternational Group a new way of selection, finding the talent that best fitted the profile and following the values: excellence and adaptability.

How did we help them?


  • Complete understanding of the company and its values.
  • Active search for profiles.
  • Quick closing of the process.
  • Follow-up of the candidate in the months following recruitment.
  • Agility and confidence.

What do they say about us?

For Olmeda Orígenes, working with GB means trust, peace of mind, commitment and guarantee.

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