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Xpheres Basketball Management was founded by Igor Crespo and Richi González on 2009. Together they have turned a small company into one of the leading basketball player representation agencies in Spain and Europe thanks to the growth of our players.

Accompanying leaders

After years working in the industry, the partners decided to expand their team in order to cope with the workload that until now had been assumed by the two of them.

This change entails a growth in which it is important not to lose neither the values nor the mission of the organization, so that the essence of it is transferred to the new incorporations.

In addition, the Xpheres team did not have a clear definition of responsibilities, so day-to-day communication was complicated.

How did we help them?


With Xpheres we collaborated as follows:

  • We defined the roles of the team members.
  • We organized the responsibilities to improve efficiency and communication.
  • Clarified how to conduct meetings and how to make them as agile as possible.
  • Conducted follow-ups on the evolution of leaders.

What do they say about us?

They emphasize our confidence, communication and understanding of the idiosyncrasies of the business.




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