Supplier relations decalogue

First edition, May 2022.


In order to comply with our Manifesto, Mission, Vision and Values declared in our Code of Ethics and with the best practices in the sector of our activity, at Binternational Group we make an important effort when selecting our suppliers and, to do so, we carry out the following actions: 


  • Identification of potential suppliers, through a general search, which guarantees equal opportunities for all of them.
  • Search for responsible suppliers, who demonstrate transparency in their relations, have a commitment to long-term relationships and show an interest in maintaining relations of mutual trust.
  • Providing our Code of Ethics to all suppliers before the start of the relationship, which must be known and formally accepted. Any behaviour contrary to our Code of Ethics may lead to the cancellation of the contract with the supplier.
  • Confirmation that all suppliers comply with the regulations in force, especially with regard to child labour, discrimination of any kind and respect for the rights of their employees.
  • Support for the local community, with a commitment to purchase our basic products (at least 50% of non-labour costs) from local and independent suppliers working in the geographical area where the product will be used or where the company operates, always respecting equal opportunities for all of them.
  • Defence and maintenance of a responsible purchasing policy.
  • Inclusion, among the multiple criteria for evaluating bids, of compliance with quality standards and respect for the environment and society.