We put our heart and soul into every project. We are experts in knowing the reality of each of our clients and we design a plan based on that.

In GB Success you can see our client’s experience in our Human Resources, Organisational Transformation and Sustainability projects.

Portada Caso de Éxito Capitalismo Consciente

Capitalismo Consciente

Capitalismo Consciente was looking for a Chapter Manager to join their team. After 81 days, we found their ideal candidate, who is still part of the team today. We used tools such as video presentations to facilitate the choice of the candidate.

portada viamed

Viamed Salud

After offering our recruiting services altruistically during the pandemic, Viamed Salud decided to count on us as a supplier. In addition, we have introduced the concept of receiving feedback from new and former employees in order to be closer to them.

Portada Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences came to us during the pandemic to digitise their sales team, as they could no longer go to hospitals. Since then we have done multiple projects there, such as introducing the SCRUM methodology and mentoring team members.

portada Caso de éxito Air Rail

Air Rail

Air Rail came to us with an unclear definition of identity, wanting to increase engagement, and other problems that many organisations face. The identity, internal communication and leadership coaching projects managed to improve the engagement of their staff.

Portada Marel


In order to triple in size, Marel needed to gain agility in its recruitment of the sales team. To achieve this, we trained them in recruitment and helped them define a structure that eliminates bias.


Portada Auxiliar Conservera

Auxiliar Conservera

The opening of the new factory in Dortmund, Germany, was a great opportunity for the HR department of Auxiliar Conservera. With our help in People Management they managed to get the new profiles in place on time as well as getting a good start in HR management, personnel administration…

Portada MTech


Mtech has made Grupo Binternational its strategic ally in Human Resources. From talent development consultancy to the actual search for this talent, GB and Mtech have worked very closely together.

Portada Caso de Éxito Estel

Estel Ingeniería y Obras S.A.

Recruitment processes become more complex when we face high positions or very specific sectors. In this case we accompanied Elvira as we did over the years.

Portada Olmeda Orígenes

Olmeda Orígenes

They were in a difficult situation: they needed to fill an important position but didn’t have much time. We managed to find the perfect candidate with agility.

Portada Caso de Éxito TMH

Toyota Material Handling

Toyota needed help defining the best place in Europe to build their new centre. It’s an example of how working with multinationals can be challenging but, with the right team, great things can be achieved.

portada xpheres

Xpheres Basketball Management

A new phase, a growing team and the need to stay aligned with the company’s vision. This added to the definition of responsibilities are the challenges Xpheres faced before meeting GB.





After seeing the success we have with our clients, you may be wondering: how you can help me? I’m sure you already have some ideas! 

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