When you are truly interested in a job vacancy, and, moreover, when you trust your profile fits in perfectly with the technical requirements that are demanded for the vacancy, receiving a message saying ‘You have not been elected’ can be an emotional blow enough to take all the motivation of keeping trying out of you. But quitting is not the only option you may have, there are by chance a lot of other ways of understanding rejection, healthier and more objective ways, and the most important constructive ways of understanding it.

We do not mean that you do not have to feel sad when a process where you put all your hopes on has not been favorable for you, but it is important for you to keep that sadness aside, you have to realize when is the perfect moment to start using your energy in understanding and improving it. Because it is not the same to say: ‘I cannot go any further’ as ‘here is my limit’.

Positive attitude

When you are told that it is fundamental that you stay polite and cordial. You may not have any chances this time, but if you have been interviewed it was because your CV has called them your attention, and maybe they can reconsider you for another job offer any time in the future. If you have the opportunity for, you should ask them to give you feedback from your interview. In case this may seem uncomfortable for you to ask them by phone or in a face to face talk, you can ask them via email. You have to take into account that the important thing is to ask for this, not necessarily receiving an answer. This way, the impression you left in the company is that from a responsible and compromised person trying to correct his mistakes, and probably they will remember that when they need to find a person for another position in the future.

Do not underrate yourself

Once the speech with the company is done, the moment of facing yourself and convince yourself that being sad and torture yourself will not lead anywhere comes.  Do not take this too personal, you may have been really charming and polite, also you fitted regarding the requirements that were demanded, and that is something that is undoubtedly tells something positive about you, but it is not the only thing that counts.

The personal bond with your future supervisors is something difficult to train, but it is something really crucial. We cannot fit to everybody’s taste, but that is not something negative. You need to evaluate that if you start working in an environment where you do not really fit, you would enter the working dissatisfaction path, and that is not pleasant. In conclusion, do not take it too personal not to be elected for a position, value until where have you been able to reach, and that should use to get your inspiration back to you.

Objective analysis

Same way as we told you, that you should not take it too personal the fact of not being elected, you also need to make an evaluation of the situation. If you had the good luck of receiving feedback from the company, what you need to do is analyze it in depth and see what you can change or improve from it. In case you never received that feedback, you have to be the one who analyses everything, the dress code, your non-verbal language, the structure of your CV, and you need to go through all the questions and answers that took place during the interview. This way, you can easily detect all the possible failures and mistakes, in order to be fit for the next opportunity that appears, and step by step you can reach your objective.

Create an strategy 

Before you start again, you should first take a breath, do something that brings energy back to you and that brings you calm also, and then yes, go ahead into a new adventure to find a job, using everything you have learned before. And do never forget that every mistake counts in any formative process. You already know what they say…you need to lose some battles in order to win the war!