Five years after the start of binternational, Ignacio Barriendos states it clearly: ‘We want to improve the business results of our clients from a recruitment perspective. We know what are the costs, and the consequences of a bad recruitment: high rotation, company mistrust in the HR Department, economic loss… All of these has a great value and can be measured, because a failure in recruitment can mean a frustrated business opportunity. That is why our duty goes through communicating with our client, analyzing their own situation, and identifying their needs, finding the spot where we can be of use to them’.

The evolution of a company

The core of binternational, an international recruitment company, is made up of Carlos Pinilla, Ignacio Barriendos and Fernando Cañellas. They landed in this sector after identifying that there was a high demand of Spanish professionals abroad. As time goes by, they developed an international network that could offer their services to 64 countries around the world. ‘Today, we are able of providing our clients with candidates both in Spain or in any other country. In fact, the selection processes where we provide local candidates are on high demand, since most of our clients come to see us because they don’t acknowledge such things as legislation or culture of the countries their companies are landing on’, adds Carlos.

After all these frenetic years, 2017 has been a great moment to think over our way of understanding recruitment, and to take a turn for the better to our strategy. ‘Everything can be summed up in two words: international and specialists, that’s who we are. We have understood that the core of our business are the manufacturing companies, and we have established our divisions around them: Retail, Energy, Aeronautical, Automotive, FMCG, Pharma & Chemical, Packaging and Industrial. Using our expertise is how we can asses the Human Resources Managers & Directors the best way ‘.

Understanding clients to provide them with the service they really need

The commitment, the seriousness and the results are the key values that guide us, but, by the same token, our aim is to be companions of the Human Resources Managers & Directors journey: ‘Our client is expecting us to get to know their productive plant, to take a walk inside and to learn how specialized the profiles they are looking for really are. Only this way, we can truly understand what they are searching for. In some other situations, what the client seeks for is a constant candidate pool to fill critical positions or to soften workload peaks. Our differentiation is exactly that one: we are international and specialists’, says Ignacio. And he wraps it up: ‘And we cannot forget about the other side: candidates, who usually get such a bad treatment from the sector. We also understand that without them we are nothing and that we have to treat both sides equally. That is the reason why, we provide candidates with a constant feedback on their candidature and we always monitor them after their incorporation to the new company. For us, that is pure employer branding’.