Tobacco Dock, the old warehouse from the early 19th century located in the East End of London, is the venue where LinkedIn has awarded the top recruitment agencies in the world. The main firms from Europe, Middle East and Africa have been invited to the event.

Last 7th of November the recruitment industry enjoyed the Most Socially Engaged Awards ceremony, a place to meet the most influential recruitment consultancies. LinkedIn, the biggest professional network, hosted a party where recruiters shared their achievements and goals.

«Our activity as recruiters must be close to the people and, if we want to match companies with the best talent, we must build a trust relationship between our clients and our candidates», says Marta Benayas, Marketing Manager at binternational. «In conclusion, the engagement is a one to one conversation with the people we contact every day. We are very surprised and satisfied with this prize. We think is the result of three choices: working hard from the beginning, involving everybody in our online strategy and paying attention to the customer and candidate experience.

This award highlights the marketing content created by binternational, the reach and engagement of our posts and the efficacy of our consultants when they use this tool. binternational is the only Spanish recruitment agency awarded in the boutique category and bets on new formats as video job offers and a team-based strategy for spreading job offers. In conclusion, we work for improving the quality of the recruitment processes we do.